Standard school children 4pk pencil set
Standard school children 4pk pencil set
Standard school children 4pk pencil set
Standard school children 4pk pencil set
Item No.: G1201HD0001
Standard school children 4pk pencil set
4pcs HB writing wooden pencils set.
Product Size L230*W45*H8mm
Lead Hardness HB
Lead Color Black
Body Material Wood
Barrel Shape Round
Barrel UV printing
Contents 4 pcs stripped pencil
Packing Opp bag & header card
MOQ 3000 sets
Pencil Customizer-Creative Your Own Pencil
  • Material
  • Size
  • Barrel Shape
  • Surface Final
  • Basswood 

    Specie(s):Tilia americana L,

    A moderate soft and hard wood, easy to sharpen. 

    FSC certified Basswood is available. 
  • Black wood 

    High end fashion black wood with special texture. 

    Even and well treated wood color, easy to sharpen.
  • Cedar wood 

    Natural wood texture with Cedar aroma.

    Suitable for making high end wooden products.
  • Stained Wood

    Special colored wood : Yellow colored wood / Green colored wood 

    Red colored wood  / Blue colored wood 

    Orange colored wood Suitable for making fun and unique products. 

Barrel Diameter
  • 7.2 mm 

    Pencil Diameter: 7.2mm

    The most common size, suitable for all kinds of pencils. 
  • 7.5 mm 

    Pencil Diameter : 7.5mm 

    Suitable for making Japanese pencil or Color pencil. 
  • 10 mm 

    Pencil Diameter: 10mm

    Ergonomics compliance, suitable for making children's pencil and color pencil.  

  • 5.6 mm

    Extra slim pencil, Diameter :5.6mm

    Lightweight and cute, easy to carry. 

    Suitable for souvenir or promotion stationery items. 
  • 15mm

    Giant pencil Diameter: 15mm

    Playfull fun item, suitable for novelty, seasonal and gift stationery items.
  • 8.6 mm 

    Special Dimension pencil, Dia. 8.6mm

    Plump pencil size, comfort grip, suitable for color penci and multi color pencil.
Barrel Shape
  • Round

    The most standard and common barrel shape. 

    Sutibale for making all kinds of pencil 
  • Triangle

    Triangular shape that compliance with Ergonomics,

    Suitable for making children's pencil and color pencil. 
  • Quadrangle

    Special quadrangle shape,

    Suitable for unique playful stationery. 
  • Pentagon

    Special Pentagon shape,

    Suitable for novelty stationery. 
  • Hexagon

    Classical hexagonal shape,

    Suitable for pencil and colored pencil.
Surface Final
  • Paint

    No matter what color you need, gold, silver or any colors,

    as long as Pantone color number is provided, we can satisfy your need.
  • Transfer Film

    It is great for scroll saw work, band saw boxes, intarsia
  • Shrink Film
    Easy to match and rich in color, suitable for making a small amount of diverse stationery.
  • UV Printing

    Classical and elegant matting texture, suitable for simple and generous stationery. 
  • Embossed
    Special embossed effect, used on wood, paper and flocking pencils, suitable for simple patterm or logo.  
  • Hot stamping
    Various color of shining foil, creating a simple and luxury feel, suitable for classical design or logo. 
  • Screen printing

    Print according to pantone color, build up a steady and personal touching,

    suitable for dedicated design with slim line or logo.
  • Holographic
    Various hologram patterns for selection, full print or partial, suitable for unique fun stationery. 
  • Round
    It is great for scroll saw work, band saw boxes, intarsia. I used a 3x3 piece a couple of weeks ago for a band saw box (ended up in the trash, but not the wood's fault). Probably not that great as the main material for pens, but it could be used for accents on pens.It is great for scroll saw work, band saw boxes, intarsia.
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